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Now, more than ever, it is imperative physicians and providers have a strong voice as the healthcare landscape evolves. We empower physicians’ ownership and leadership roles allowing them to bring patient-focused strategies to the forefront. This enables them to effect real change to improve healthcare decisions and processes in their communities.

A Little About Who We Are

We are the conduit that helps physicians form a legal entity allowing them to have ownership and act as a single entity to develop comprehensive health service arrangements with local hospitals.

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1. Find questions and answers on Physician Hospital Management (PHM) groups.

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Why Physicians Are Best to Lead

Physician-run hospitals outperform manager-run hospitals. Studies show that hospital quality scores are 25% higher when run by medically trained doctors. Why? According to Mariano from 

  • Physicians naturally engage in quality improvement activities.
  • Physicians train and learn for a lifetime.
  • Physicians start at the bottom and continually strive for growth.
Consultants and doctors meeting together.
  • Physicians are bound by the Hippocratic Oath. Their primary objective is to provide the best treatment for their patients. 
  • Physicians are trained to make crucial decisions.

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