Putting Patients at the Focus of Care

  • Patients have higher satisfaction indicators with physician-led organizations.

  • Physicians work closest with the patient on treatment of care. Whether it’s in a clinic or the Emergency Room, it’s the physician that interacts with the patient on the best course of action for their needs.

  • Physicians walk the halls of the organization almost daily and see what patients see.

  • Physicians hear the patient’s points of pain as they navigate the healthcare system.
    Quality indicators that measure and track clinical performance and outcomes are higher.

Putting physicians in the decision-making process shifts the culture from oftentimes treating the patients as though we are doing them a favor to a culture that instead places their needs at the center of everything we do. Payers are focusing on value by increasing patient responsibility, developing quality measures, and in some cases requiring warranties. Patients are currently seeing higher deductible and co-insurance plans ultimately leading to higher patient out-of-pocket costs. It is not uncommon for physician-led organizations to have lower cost-per-admission. Physicians hear these complaints and want to help patients gain value from the health system.

Many organizations say they put patients first. PHM acts on this by putting the ones caring for the patients in the organization’s decision-making process. Those that treat the patient know the patient as an individual, are responsive to the patient’s needs, provide care that is meaningful, emphasize freedom of choice, and promote physical comfort.

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