Physician-led Hospitals Are Stronger

  • Stronger financial performance.

  • Services are aligned with patient needs.

  • Stable leadership.

  • Technology convergence is beneficial for patient care.

With over 30% of rural hospitals at risk of closure, hospitals need to better engage the physicians. Developing a physician-led hospital management organization is the answer going forward.

Oftentimes, a large corporation comes in thinking they know what’s best for the community. They want to drive change and growth without taking into consideration what really is best in practice. Hospitals can instead benefit from local management led by physicians who know what is happening to patients. This allows a hospital to better align services with the community and patient needs.

Leadership is sometimes there to ‘pad their resume’ and move on to their next job. Putting physicians in the role of leadership generally produces a longer-lasting commitment to the community and the patients they serve.

It is not hard to look a relatively short time ahead a few years and realize the impact technology and the drive-by payers for value is dramatically changing the landscape. Covid-19 proved how fast technologies such as telemedicine can be implemented.

Some of the top hospitals in the country are physician-led. PHM can help bring this to your community.

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