The Community Benefits

  • Community Commitment

  • Local Leadership

  • Community Health Standards

  • Neighbors helping neighbors

  • Growth in foundation giving

  • Funding for the determinants of health

One major focus of PHM is to build and give back to the community. PHM isn’t an outsource company; we build on the local economy. The investors and managers are local to the area.

Generally, the providers live and raise their own families in the community. Whether involved directly through participation in local organizations or indirectly through family members, the providers are connected and understand the people they serve.

Since they see what is happening with local resources, they are aware of the needs and are able to give back through the creation of a PHM foundation. Money earned by the management company stays right in their own community. PHM provides charitable monies which can be used as matching funds towards grants.

The foundation can help the community with the ‘determinants of health.’ This is accomplished through providing resources and funds for such things as transportation, housing, food, literacy, and other determinants of health.

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